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Stages of an Office Move

The Key Stages of an Office Move Project

Organizing an office move project can appear daunting at first, with so many tasks to juggle and things to do, but just like any other project; it can be broken down into key stages to make the whole process much more manageable.

Here are 7 key stages of an office move project, common to most, to help break down the process into more manageable chunks. Along with what issues need to be dealt with at each stage.

1. Decision Time

Your office lease may be coming to an end and you need to make an important decision. Is it time to relocate to new offices, or stay put? If your office is meeting all your requirements, but needs a reconfiguration, an refurbishment might be worth considering. Weigh up your options, the market and your budget before making a decision.

2. Planning an Office Move

This is the most important stage of any office move project because with the right amount of planning and preparation, you will be better placed for a more successful and smooth relocation. You will need to use an Office Move Checklist that gives you a list of tasks to be completed throughout the course of the office move. The planning stage will also include the creation of a budget so you know how much you can afford to spend, and a timeline to help schedule when each task should be completed.

3. Finding Office Space

Before touring any potential properties, you need to define your real estate brief. This will include thesize of property, facilities, location, type of building etc. so your Tenant Rep Broker can closely match your requirements with properties available on the market.

4. Office Lease Negotiations

Once you have a shortlist of 2-3 properties, your Tenant Rep will start negotiating the lease of these buildings to see what deal appears to be the best option for your business. Your real estate brief should also contain details of what length and type of office lease you are looking for. When negotiations are nearing completion, have a real estate lawyer look over the lease to check that everything is clearly documented and your best interests are protected.

5. Office Design & Build Out

This stage involves transforming your chosen office building into an inspiring and functional environment which enables your business to flourish. Space planning, design themes and elements, furniture and color scheme will all be discussed and implemented by a team of office designers.

6. IT Relocation Planning

Give careful thought to your IT infrastructure in the new office; ensuring that network cables and phone outlets are in their correct location. Dealing with these issues in advance will prevent any downtime to your business when you get to the new office.

7. Office Moving

The final stage of the office move process is getting your belongings physically moved to the new office - and ensuring everything ends up in its right place. Hire a professional office moving company to oversee and implement this for you as they have the relevant expertise to carry the move out without disruption or hassle.

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