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Action Plan for Office Relocation

Writing an Office Relocation Action Plan

Writing an action plan is essential if you want to ensure a smooth and successful office relocation. Action planning helps to define your objectives about your new office space requirements, facilities and location, so setting time aside at the start of your relocation project will help to maximize this opportunity and give your business the best it deserves.

Here′s a quick guide to help you build your office relocation action plan now:

Scope out the big picture

Start creating your action plan by scoping out the bigger picture.This will include a general summary of what you want to accomplish with the relocation; budget, timeline, assumptions, potential risks and issues that may arise.

Break out the smaller tasks

Now it′s time to add more detail. Use the Office Move Checklist as your master task list. It outlines all the actions or tasks you need to complete before, during and after your office relocation, and depending on your specific circumstances, you may need to add to this Checklist. Write any task down as it comes into your mind so you don′t forget them.


Prioritize your list by putting things of an urgent or important nature first. For example, the task of finding new office space is vital and may also take some time, so this needs to be moved up the list. Similarly, any new equipment you need for your new office such as furniture, PCs, business phones, phone lines, data cables etc may have long lead times so be sure to prioritze these up your list so you don′t miss any deadlines.

Delegate & Collaborate

Effective action plans require clear input and support from teammates. Within your Office Relocation Project Team, decide who is responsible for each task, give it a deadline by which the task is to be completed, and ensure you update your Office Move Checklist to manage and guide workflow.

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