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Do the relocation during a down period. There is no right time to move an office as no matter what, you will not be operational for a few days. However, you should try to plan the move during a down period or a known slow period for your business. This could be in January, as it is often slow after Christmas in December, or this could be in the summertime when you have fewer people in the office.

Discuss preparations with the office moving company. Every moving company will have their own protocol for relocating an office. You should discuss any preparations that need to be done on your end to make the move as smooth as possible.

The office moving company may ask that employees pack up their own cubicles or areas in packing boxes and unplug their electronics. You should go over how to pack for a move and safe packing practices with your employees.
You should also discuss if you will need to dispose of items that are not being moved to the new location on your own or if the moving company will do this for you.

Prioritize the IT department. For most companies, the IT department is essential to operations. You may want to arrange for the IT department to move into the new space gradually so it is set up first in the new space. This will ensure the company can get up 
You may also want to work with your IT department to arrange for any upgrades to equipment before the move occurs. This will ensure the IT department is up to date and running efficiently in the new space.

Set up key departments first. You should prioritize your key departments so they are moved into the new office first and can be up and running right away. This could be key employees in a department, like customer service representatives, or major departments that make up a huge part of your business, such as the manufacturing department. Focus on key departments first and move them ahead of other departments that can work remotely or on a looser timeline.

Get moving insurance. Talk to your company’s insurance company about moving insurance, as companies are required to get insured for any major moves. You will need to provide an accurate list of your inventory and estimate the worth of the total number of items being moved.
Arrange for a clean up crew for the old location. You will need to leave the old space as clean as it was when you moved into the space. You may need to organize a clean up crew made of volunteers from the company or hire cleaners to come in once the space has been cleared out.

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