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Moving company characteristics

Moving company is a special kind of integrated logistics activity. It is a combination of business flow and logistics. It includes business flow and logistics, and also includes a form of several functional elements in logistics.
    The position of the moving company in the social reproduction process and the nature of the moving company: the moving company is the economic activity of realizing the final allocation of resources in the form of modern delivery. The connotation of this concept, summed up the four points:

 1. Moving company is a part of the allocation of resources, according to the economist′s theoretical understanding, which is a form of economic system.

 2. The role of the company′s resource allocation, is the "final configuration", which is close to the customer′s configuration. Closer to customers is critical to business strategy. Rand Corporation of the United States, "Happiness" magazine listed 500 large companies a survey that "business strategy and close to the customer is essential" to prove the importance of this configuration.

 3. The main economic activities of the moving company is delivery, which emphasizes modern delivery, expresses and the difference between old-fashioned delivery, the difference between "modern" two words, namely, modern productive forces, labor means support, rely on scientific and technological progress , Is actually "with" and "send" an organic combination of a way.
4. Moving company in the process of social reproduction position, is close to the user that a circulation area, and therefore has its limitations, moving company is an important way, has its strategic value, but it can not solve all the problems in the field of circulation .

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